February 28, 2013

Give A Unique Gift On This Unique Holiday

As I have written before, International Women’s Day is somewhat of a cross between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It’s a holiday in which men celebrate all the important women in their lives. It’s a great holiday in which men spend their day wishing all the women they come in contact with a happy Women’s Day. Strangely enough, it’s an “international” holiday that the United States doesn’t really recognize.

To me, the fact that the U.S. (and other countries) doesn’t celebrate it is a plus. It’s a holiday that hasn’t been hijacked by the greeting card companies. It’s a holiday in which, if you choose to celebrate it, shows the women in your life that you were thinking about them on a day you didn’t “have” to be.

In thinking along the lines of celebrating an unofficial special day, I encourage you all to surprise your wife on March 8th with something special. Take the opportunity to give your wife an unexpected gift at an unexpected time to show her that your love is an “international” kind of love.

Need A Gift Idea?

I was recently contacted by a woman who works with Bead For Life, an organization which enrolls Ugandan women in an 18-month program where they work rolling recycled paper beads to make jewelry to be sold around the world. With the income the women make, they are taught to open bank accounts and save, and are trained to translate their passions into small business which can hopefully help support them throughout their lives.

I have heard about this organization before, and I think what they do is wonderful. I also think that buying some of the jewelry they make for your wife would make a wonderful gift. Not only will you be surprising the woman in your life with a beautiful piece of unique jewelry, but by purchasing this gift you will be benefiting women in need in Uganda. The jewelry will not only be a nice gesture, but it will be a meaningful one.

Check out more about Bead For Life on their website here, or go straight to the store here.

No matter how big you choose to make it, make sure you wish your wife a happy Women’s Day. Remind her just how thankful you are she is in your life.

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