September 30, 2011

Don't Leave It At Thank You

My wife is an excellent cook. Amazing, actually. She’s always getting compliments from everyone we know about how much they like what she makes. But I’m not one of those guys who thinks with their stomachs. I like food just fine, but I’m no connoisseur. I’m not too picky and rarely just hate something that I eat. So unfortunately even though I always try to remember to thank my wife for her meals, I don’t always remember to compliment her.

I was reminded of this last night when she made something new; an improvement, in my opinion, on a recipe we had a friends’ house recently. It really was good, and I was really impressed that she took what I thought was a ho-hum meal and made it shine. After dinner I told her, “That was delicious!” and her reaction made an impression on me. She voiced a sincere thank you and then said, “And thanks for telling me.”

It wasn’t said in spite or anything, it was just genuine appreciation for me taking the time to let her know that I did in fact love what she made.

And so my resolution today is to not forget to tell my wife how much I enjoy what’s she’s put effort into, and not simply thank her for the effort. There’s a small difference between the two, but I think it’s significant.


  1. Such a great and effective tip. I can always use more reminding of this one : )

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  3. My wife does cook nice and goes great lengths to make a dish delicious. She asks me get her new recipes from internet so that she can cook me new stuff. I also do not remember to compliment her all the time.

    After we were married, I used to compliment her everyday. She would cook and go to office and since I had afternoon shifts, I would take lunch later and then go to office. But I never forgot to compliment her over SMS. And it was not a mere thank you. I would a least put a line on her innovative dish or how good it felt.

    Now we are in 8th month of our marriage. And those everyday compliments have faded. But I do compliment her on a very good meal or point out anything better she could have done.

    So I conclude that you frequency of compliment should be fair and you should be genuine in your compliments and criticism.