June 8, 2011

One New Way To Show Your Wife Love

Coming up with ways on your own to improve your marriage is a great idea, but sometimes it's not nearly as helpful as hearing what your wife is thinking. Hearing it straight from her allows for many more hits than misses.

My wife told me recently that she really did appreciate it when I gave her gifts, and that she wouldn't mind it at all if I got her flowers more often. Sound forced or unromantic? Absolutely not. Her expressing that to me was a way to show me how she could feel more loved. From now on, I will get her flowers more often, not because I have to but because I want her to feel loved as much as possible, and it turns out that this is a great way of doing that.

So I challenge you: ask your wife for one thing you could do more often that would make her feel more loved. You will probably be surprised at how easy it is, and your marriage will thank you.