May 17, 2011

Remember Your Manners In Marriage

It is so easy to get used to being married. And though the intimacy of normalcy is magical in its own right, if we are not careful we can take that day to day stuff for granted.

What’s on my mind today is manners. We go out of way to be polite to strangers, people at work, and kill ourselves trying to teach our children the concept of Please and Thank You. We all consider manners to be important, but does that hold true for your relationship with your wife?

When you ask your wife to do something for you, do you thank her after she’s done it? Do you try and watch the way in which you ask for things? Do you remember to say please? Do you apologize when you do something on accident or do you just expect her to know it wasn’t on purpose? You can talk to your kids till you’re blue in the face about how important it is to be polite, but what are they learning from your example?

This thought came to me today when my wife brought me my phone from the other room when I could have just as easily gotten up and retrieved it myself. Because I was working on the computer, I didn’t even realize she was already out of the room and I hadn’t acknowledged her effort whatsoever. So, to make sure she knew I appreciated what she did, I shouted “Thank you!”

The reason we show manners to people is because we want them to know we respect them, and because we want them to know we think they’re worth appreciation and politeness. If that’s true, then there’s no reason in the world why we should ever stop verbally appreciating and respecting our wives. Both at home, and out in public.

Thank you very much.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. It seems like the longer you are married the more that manners just get thrown out the window. I miss those days when he said "please" and "thank you".

  2. I agree manners are very important. I always say its the little things that count.

  3. Kudos to you & your very astute observations! This motivates me to be mIndful of expressing my appreciation to my husband.