April 21, 2011

Do You Allow Your Little Girls To Dress Like This?

Well I apologize for missing my Monday deadline. House guests will do that to you every time if you're not prepared. I'm actually heading out of town myself today, so I thought I'd break the routine and just share a link that really resonated with me that I read this morning.

It was an article on CNN titled Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps. Though I try to keep this site focused on the husband/wife relationship only (the kids add a whole different dynamic that merits its own blog), I couldn't help but agree with everything this writer was saying, and couldn't help but wonder what parents are thinking by pushing this industry of sexualizing little girls.

The last line in the article summed it all up wonderfully: A line needs to be drawn, but not by Abercrombie. Not by Britney Spears. And not by these little girls who don't know better and desperately need their parents to be parents and not 40-year-old BFFs.

This relates to marriage in that you and your wife are a team, and the way your kids dress should be a team decision. I'm not sure there are any fathers out there who are really into their little girls dressing like Britney Spears, but someone's allowing it. Is this a topic that needs to be talked about in your home?

If there are things to stand up for in your household, I'm saying this is one of them.

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  1. As a divorced father, I am constantly appalled at the state my 12-year old daughter comes to me for visitations, sent this way by her "40-year old BFF" (literally!).

    This is the reason I told my ex-wife to stop sending her with a suitcase, and my wife and I stocked her room with a new wardrobe. Costly...yes. Worth it?...Absolutely.