April 25, 2011

Are You A Mature Husband?

There are certain things that a man will never be completely comfortable with. Things like buying tampons or panty liners, for example, or actual saying the words tampons and panty liners out loud. Going to the gynecologist with your wife is a strange experience for sure, and walking into a room while your mom and your wife are discussing how the two of your are “trying” to have a baby can be pretty awkward as well. What I want to say today is not that you need to grow up and be completely comfortable with these things, but that you do need to grow up and be mature about them.

Your wife doesn’t need you to freak out when she tells you she has a yeast infection, she needs you to listen. Your wife doesn’t need you to giggle like a fourteen-year-old if she says the word “vagina” in your presence. You are a husband now, her life is your life. Don’t like running into the store to buy liners because she started spotting earlier than she expected? Get over it and do it. Yes, it feels funny to be a man standing in the check out line buying feminine products, no one is denying that. But you’re not in middle school anymore, either; no one is going to point and laugh and say you’re a girl.

And speaking of what others are thinking, the ironic thing here is that the more womanly things you’re mature about with your wife the more manly you actually look. She appreciates being able to talk about sensitive issues with you, and her friends are impressed that you don’t run out of the kitchen with your hands over your ears when you hear the words “Pap smear.” By choosing the mature route you actually look more like a man in people's eyes than the other way around.

Like I said, it’s not that you have to feel comfortable with these things, but you must be mature about them. She needs a manly man, not a manly boy.


  1. Great post! So true. If you can't talk about these little things then how in the world are wives expected to be able to talk about the big things? You know the big things like what positions are most exciting, how best to make both of us orgasm, and other important topics like that!

  2. Wow, I guess my husband is more on the mature side of these things when it comes to women! I am so proud to say that he NEVER missed a prenatal care appointment, even through all the pap smears. He was there to watch me give birth to our daughter while participating! I love that in a man and I am glad I found him.

  3. I like everything I've read. And my definition of a real man is a man who shows his love by participating in every aspect of life.

  4. I agree completely. The more mature I am in not jumping and actually listening to things that are peculiar to women, the more my wife will genuinely want to share with me...and the more we bond more genuinely....

    I am getting married in November this year so thank you for the post. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to have a husband who would talk about the sensitive stuff with me! (Some of the body issues make my mother too uncomfortable to talk about, so I don't really have the most reliable support when I'm worried about something.)

    ~Violet Black

  6. hey I am husband,

    your blogs have captured my attention, and relating to the email i sent you, i guess i feel like i need a sense of reassurance that i'm doing things right, so reading your posts help me to see this, and i think i am,

    I feel like i am a mature husband, i go buy my wife tampons and liners, i go with her to the gyn appointments, i have tried to talk to her about sensitive issues, i think this stuff should be normal between husband and wife.

    But i'm a broken man that needs reassurance, she has broken me with her horrid words