March 7, 2011

Do Things You Don't Have To Do

After you’ve been married a while, you and your wife naturally fall into a routine. You both learn what each other likes and dislikes, and you both settle into your routines of who does what around the house. Getting into this routine is not necessarily a bad thing; with familiarity comes a routine, and there can be wonderful comfort in routine. But, in thinking along the lines of the key to woman’s heart being an unexpected gift at an unexpected time, one of the best ways to show your wife that you’re thinking about her is to do something for her that doesn’t fall within that normal routine.

Doing things you don’t have to do are always a big win in a relationship. You wife knows you don’t like going to the grocery store with her on Saturday mornings because it’s your only time to really rest. She’s okay with that, she understands, but she does love to do things with you like you both used to. So, what better way to break that routine of not going and do the thing you don’t have to do for the sake of showing your wife how much you care?

Consider some of these other examples:

  • Your wife hates to go clothes shopping by herself and has a few years’ worth of birthday money piling up. Since she knows you don’t like it too much either, suggest going with her one evening.
  • Your wife understands that you need to get back upstairs and start working on that report right after dinner, but show her that you really appreciate all the work she put into the meal by insisting on doing the dishes. Don’t take no for an answer.
  • You’re not expected to get the kids to their different activities since your wife always takes care of that. Offer to make the rounds and drop her off at a coffee shop for some reading time. Meet her back there for some good alone time together.
  • You enjoy going on date nights with your wife, but the planning always seems to fall on her. Surprise her this week with a very well-planned date night to show her that you don’t need her initiation to actually spend time together.

Doing something you don’t have to do always shows those around you that you’re really going the extra mile. Since it’s not expected of you to take that extra step, your wife will be surprised and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Showing her you still think about ways to help her out like you did in the beginning of your relationship will go a long way.

Can you think of any other good examples we husbands could reach out and do what we don’t have to do?

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  1. It's strange that this interesting post has not received any comment, yet. So I'll be the first to jump in and suggest an idea:

    After dinner and dishes are done, surprise her with an invitation for a short walk around the block, regardless of the weather. If it rains, bring umbrella and wear raincoats! Don't complain about getting wet during the walk but laugh about it and hold her real close under that umbrella. I'm sure that report can wait another hour. ;)