November 6, 2010

Do That Thing

My wife and moved into a smaller place about five months ago and because of that, our closets are a bit cramped from the downsizing. Several months ago I had a great idea: I’ll take our extra suitcases and boxes of stuff we don’t need to an unused storage closet that I have in my office at work. We both thought it was a great idea, but it just never happened. Every time I’d go into a closet I’d see the crowded floor space or packed shelves and think, I really need to take this stuff to the office, but then the thought would leave as soon as I closed the door.

Until yesterday.

Every now and then when I do a little cleaning (like vacuuming the floor) I’m motivated to do a some big cleaning too. While attempting to vacuum our cluttered closet floor, I decided that now was the time to carry those unused space wasters to the car so that I could take them to the office on Monday. The whole job took less than fifteen minutes and our master bedroom closet instantly felt so much nicer. And then the all-too-familiar question came to mind: Why in the world didn’t I do this months ago?

We all have those little things around the house that need to get done, things we’ve noticed or our things wives have asked us to do. We often claim we don’t have time to get to them when in reality they’re not big jobs at all, and the time we spend on Facebook or sitting in front of the TV watching some Seinfeld re-run for the fourteenth time could have easily paid for the small task.

So what is that thing right now in your household? What is that something your wife has been asking you to get to for weeks and it’s just been sitting on the back burner? Is it hanging something? Fixing something? Buying a missing part for something? Figure it out, then go do that thing.

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