June 2, 2010

What Was The Last Thing You Bought Your Wife?

It’s funny how we (as humans) can always justify an expense on ourselves, even if it is not truly what we need; there is always a good reason to get that thing no matter what. Unfortunately, the opposite is rarely ever true. In fact, we are always very quick to remember money is tight when it comes to buying something for somebody else. “Sorry all I could get you was this ninety-nine cent card, but I just went to the movies and got a huge tub of popcorn and some candy and a drink, so I really couldn’t afford it.” It’s sad, really. (Maybe if we actually started saying this stuff out loud we wouldn’t do it so much.)

That said, what was the last little something you bought for your wife? A gift you bought her because you were out and you were “just thinking about” her. Her favorite coffee? A bouquet of flowers (when she’s not sick and when you haven’t been fighting)? A board game? I’d love to hear any recent ideas in the comments, and I’d love to challenge us all who haven’t (myself included) to do that over the next couple of days. Nothing big, but something thoughtful. Remember, the key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.

Have you tried entering your wife’s heart lately?


  1. Although I'm not married and, in fact, not even straight. I just wanted to leave a note and say that over the past year I've been subscribed to your RSS feed and I've greatly enjoyed each of your posts.

    It's so... refreshing to see a man that truly appreciates the woman in his life.

  2. Living apart from my wife, it's hard for me to surprise her with little things like flowers or cooking a nice dinner. But I've recently started buying things off amazon. And I realized that this is a great way for me to still give my wife little surprises and now whenever I buy myself something, my wife gets something too.

    For example, I found this great book on amazon the other day (Glasshouse by Charles Stross) and decided I couldn't live without it so I got my wife two things she wanted too Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and HELP! A Bear is Eating Me! by Mykle Hansen (It's a book).

  3. I took my wife thrift store shopping a few days ago and got her a killer jacket and a vintage top that she looks drop-dead gorgeous in; I highly recommend thrift store shopping as a GREAT date!

  4. I really wish this post had been dropped in my family's lap when I was a kid!!

    ~Violet Black