June 4, 2010

Return To Your Roots: Coloring Book Date Idea

One time my wife and I had several days off together and got kinda bored. We had a ten or fifteen dollar Wal-Mart gift card left over from some unremembered thing and decided to go and spend it on something fun. After wandering the aisles for a while, we decided to return to our roots and go Crayola.

We each chose a coloring book, bought a big box of crayons, some Silly Putty (just for kicks) and returned home to have a very unique evening together. It was fun remembering childhood this way. It gave us time to reminisce and time to just sit and talk about life while doing something relaxing.

Go for it.


  1. This is a good idea. My wife and I often find we have a good time doing the simple things. Funny how adults let life suck the fun out of them.

  2. It's funny, you know. Sarah (my wife) and I just had the awesomest date reminiscing about our childhoods. It's amazing the insight it gave us into each other!

    Excellent post!!


  3. Sounds like you must not have children...With four children in the house, these childhood things are as constant as air! We actually appreciate a break from the crayons and glue!