April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To iamhusband.com!

Today marks iamhusband.com's two year birthday. It's hard to believe two years have passed since I began this little blog. Since then we have had over 100,000 visits to the site and the number of our subscribers continues to grow. My dream for this site was to help inspire husbands be the husbands I know we all want to be. I hope and pray that iamhusband.com will continue to be a resource for men everywhere to learn to make their marriages better and better everyday.

If this is your first time to the site, I invite you to spend a little time browsing. You can easily check out all our posts using Categories located in the sidebar. Have a look at our most commented on post here. The first article picked up by StumbleUpon was this one. And my favorite piece of marriage advice is found here. We also have an Amazon.com bookstore full of recommended books on marriage here. And we've just recently started compiling a list of good date ideas right here. Don't forget you can subscribe to iamhusband.com and receive email updates (using the form in the sidebar) as well as use any RSS feed reader to subscribe.

And we don't want to let a birthday go by without doing something special, so here's the plan:

We are going to have three different contests. You are encouraged to enter all three, but you will only be able to win once. Remember: these contests are for husbands only.

Contest #1 — Tell Other People About iamhusband.com!
If you have a blog, post about this birthday celebration and then link to this page (make sure to post a link back to your article in the comments below). OR, if you use Twitter, tweet about this celebration and make sure to include your twitter username in the comments below. OR, if you use Facebook, search for "iamhusband.com", become a fan of the page, and then link to this post in a status update. Make sure to leave a comment below confirming you did (and include the name you use on Facebook).

One week from today (4/8/10) two commenters below will be randomly selected after verifying you followed the instructions (at least one blog post, or one tweet, or one Facebook status update).

Contest #2 — Best Original Date Idea
Using the contact form, submit your best date idea. What great date idea have you come up with that went over well? What's something you saw another husband do that worked out great? Please stay away from anything elaborately expensive (yes, a surprise dinner on the top of the Eifel Tower would be nice), but don't shy away from creativity.

One week and one day from now (4/9/10) my wife will choose one winner. (And all approved date ideas will be added to our running list.)

Contest #3 — Best Piece of Practical Marriage Advice
Using the contact form, submit a practical piece of marriage advice. It can be something you've learned in your own marriage, something you've read, or something another husband shared with you. What good advice can you share with other husbands about being a husband? (Please share advice that did not come from this website.)

One week and two days from now (4/10/10), I will choose one winner to receive two special prizes.

But wait! What do we win?
Great question. I'm super excited about our prizes we have lined up, and those will be revealed tomorrow!


  1. iamhusband.com is one of my favorite blogs. Congratulations on turning two :) Keep up the great work of blessings marriages.

  2. Congrats on turning 2, it's quite an accomplishment!

    I also entered contest 1, became a fan of your Facebook page, and updated my status to share about it. My name on Facebook is the same as on your awesome website.

  3. I've entered Contest 1 and 2. I've advertised the celebration (links below) and sent you our date info via email!




    Keep up the great work! This is a great site...

  4. http://www.fraggedformysins.com/EH.PNG

    Here's my entry for contest 1. I wasn't sure if my FB privacy settings would let you see my post regarding the birthday... but this screenshot does! Name on FB is Eric Henderson.

  5. I've been reading through RSS for a little over a year now.. excellent site. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i'm a fan on FB and you are in my status.

    -Steven McGee

  6. Best date idea:
    I got a recipe from Souther Living(can use any recipe from anywhere), bought all the ingredients, sent the kids to friends houses and then when my husband came home we cooked the recipe together...cutting and measuring all the ingredients and then had a beer outside on the deck while we waited for it to cook. Normally dinner time is stressful but this was just an amazing relaxing time with good conversation and good food.