March 8, 2010

Do You Remember The Day You Met?

I always love hearing stories about how couples met. It is so intriguing to me to hear about how two completely different people in the world happen to bump into each other at a seemingly random event, and through that meeting, history is made. It makes me think of that Brad Paisley song, All Because Two People Fell In Love. It simply is amazing.

My wife and I are days away from celebrating the anniversary of the day we met. It really isn't that I intended to remember the date way back when (and I most certainly had no idea what would become of us back then), but it just so happened to be at a special event we both attended which made the date easy to remember. We met and spent the remainder of the day talking and talking. We talked about everything and nothing and I quickly realized that I really liked this girl.

Do you remember the day you and your wife met? Do you celebrate that day in your relationship? If not, I encourage you to do so. More than anything it is fun to reminisce together about your crazy story. I like to hear my wife talk about what she was thinking and feeling at the time. Your wife will also appreciate that you're thinking about your relationship on a day other than your wedding anniversary.

Remember the unexpected gift at an unexpected time? Surprising your wife with a special date on the day you both met (or around the day you both met if its a little fuzzy to you*) will touch her heart and, in turn, touch your marriage.

Does anybody want to share about the moment you met your wife? Was it love at first sight or did it take a while for you two to grow on each other?

*If you don't remember the day you met, but you know that she does, make sure you get that information out of her during some casual event. If you get the date wrong, she'll most likely be distracted by that when you surprise her and it could ruin the effect you were going for.


  1. My wife and I got married 2 days before the year anniversary of our it's kind of hard to celebrate them as separate occasions ;)

  2. I left the story of how my wife and I met at my blog.

  3. My wife and I officially met on Thursday May 15, 1975 at a restaurant where she worked. We met through my then best friend Tom who was the manager at the same restaurant. This is how it came about. My parents left for vacation in early May and wouldn’t be back till June. It was great to have the house to myself at the age of 18, but I couldn’t cook and macaroni and cheese took me only so far. So Tom decided to give me “discounted” food if I stopped in while he was working. First week of May I took him up on the offer. Mary saw me but I couldn’t see here because she always stayed in the kitchen. She later mentioned to Tom how blue my eyes were so he decided to have me meet her the next time I came in, unbeknownst to me. May 15th was the day. My brother and I, who was also in with the deal arrived around 6 p.m. We ordered our meals and when the food was ready Tom told Mary to bring the dinners out. She yelled back, “I’m not a waitress!” Tom yelled even louder, “bring out the damn food!” When she came out with the entrees and I saw her for the first time, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her! She had a big embarrassed look on her face because she was shy and we exchanged pleasantries and then she walked back to the kitchen. Mary was not just pretty; she was everything that I could ever hope for in a girl. I don’t know what got into me, because I was shy also, but as soon as she walked away I asked Tom when she gets off of work. He said 8, so I stayed around till then. We started talking after her shift and her parent’s home was only 2 blocks away. So I walked her home forgetting that I drove there. So we walked back to pick up the car and I drove her home.
    On our first date May 17th, I didn’t bring her back till 2 in the morning! Boy was her Dad mad! We spent the whole night talking (seriously) and didn’t realize what time it was.
    Mary’s sister told her that night, “You’re going to marry that man”. 4 years and 2 weeks later we were married. We were engaged on Mother’s day, (coincidence) 1974 and tied the knot on Memorial weekend 1975. I wanted to keep these two events as close as possible to the day we met.

    Our marriage has had its ups and downs, maybe more than some but I will always love her and am blessed and honored that she is the Mother of our children and my wife.