December 24, 2009

Wash Your Dish On Christmas Eve

Yesterday I was eating something while my my mom and my wife were in the kitchen baking up a storm. When I took my dish to the sink I noticed that it was quite full of bowls and spoons and other things. I knew if I just set my bowl in the sink and walked away I would get a few comments about it, so I set out to wash my own dish so that I wouldn't be contributing to the mess.

After I quickly washed my own dish I thought I might as well wash all the baking dishes as well and be a little bit of a help to the ladies who were working so hard. So I did, and then the shower of accolades began.

My mom, my wife, and my grandma-in-law all started talking about how sweet and thoughtful I was. Then before bed my wife told me how much she appreciated me and my thoughtfulness, and then compared me to another man in the house who didn't do anything all day long. I really didn't think what I did was really worth all the attention, especially since the girls were the ones doing all the work. But my wife appreciated it, and that's what matters to me.

So I thought I'd pass on this little tip to everyone else today. As the women in your life are going crazy with last minute holiday meal preparations, present wrapping, and child-wrangling, what little thing could you do to be a big help?

Merry Christmas everybody!

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  1. Every little helps when there is a manic time to be had in the kitchen, I think I will have to leave a print out of this post for my wife and see if she takes the hint!!

    Merry Christmas!!