October 24, 2009

An Easy, Cheap Date Idea

Last Saturday my wife and I were kinda in a down mood and wanted to do something, but everything we thought of just wasn't it. Part of the downer was that we tend to do the same things every time we do go and do something.

Finally an idea just popped in my head: "Let's go to the mall!" Now, my wife and I are not mall people, and generally we don't enjoy walking around looking at stuff we can't afford, but since it was different and it was a "together" activity, she went for it.

While we were there, however, things got a little interesting. My wife said, "We should have a challenge to accomplish while we're here." Okay, sure. "We should split up and have 25 minutes to go and buy the other a gift for under five dollars." Well that's creative.

And so we split up. I definitely found a lot of stuff that should have been five bucks at the mall, but it really was a challenge finding a little gift that actually cost five dollars. At the very last minute (and after way too many stores), I found a cute pair of cheap earrings, and she got me a little backpack key chain that had my name on it along with a card.

But the best part of the whole night was seeing her smile and hearing her say thank you for being creative and getting her out of her funk.

Remember that the key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. Me taking her to the mall definitely fit the bill for both of those, and we love each other more because of it.

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  1. I just so identified with the idea that I had to comment!

    Amazing that your wife had the idea and that you both implemented it right away!

    Thank you for making me happy by sharing this, even if for a moment. :)

  2. I love this idea, and I plan on implementing it in the very near future. Very cool! Thanks for posting on it!

  3. Nice, clean blog. It's a good reminder that we need to get back to basics to keep relationships alive and healthy. Not enough people take the time to reflect on this or carry it out. Thanks for blogging.

  4. Fresh idea. Inspiring and light!