September 18, 2009

Write Your Wife Love Notes

I love trying to find creative ways to tell my wife that I love her. One of my favorites is writing her little love notes and leaving them in places she will discover later by surprise. I've done this when she's gone on trips for several days, and when we've been apart throughout a single day of busyness.

Remember we've talked about the key to a woman's heart being an unexpected gift at an unexpected time? That's 100% what this is. Surprise your wife by leaving written evidence that she is your number one. They don't all have to say "I love you," they just all have to mean that. Notes like "I miss you right now" or "I had a wonderful time with you last night" all translate into "I love you" when presented in the right way. (But don't forget to say "I love you" sometimes too.)

So think of a way to surprise your wife with a little note from you. I've listed a few ideas below, and feel free to share some of your own in the comments.

  • Leave a note on her dashboard to surprise her before she heads off to work. (Or drive by her work during some free time during the day and stick it in there — she'll be even more impressed.)
  • Pack an "I Miss You" card in her luggage right before she leaves on a trip.
  • Send her some flowers and a card on a day when you didn't do anything to require it.
  • If she's in school, sneak "I love you" messages into her notes that she'll find when she gets to class.
  • Get real creative and have someone deliver the card at an unexpected moment. (Maybe have the waiter at the restaurant she goes to every day during her lunch break hand it to her with her meal.)
  • Send her an e-mail during the day letting her know you're thinking about her.

Those are just a few things that came to my mind. What ideas can you come up with?


  1. Write on the bathroom mirror.
    Send random texts to her.
    Send her an ecard.
    Update your Facebook Status with a message about her.
    Leave a note on your pillow so she'll find it when she wakes up.

  2. -Write out a prayer you've prayed for her and stick it in her Bible.

    -Write her a love letter and stick it in the mailbox addressed to her.

    -Write little notes of encouragement or love and stick them in the most ordinary places (silverware drawer, tape it around the blow dryer, her purse, deep in her wallet, etc.)

    -Place notes along side items that are used less frequently, so she'll find it days or weeks later and you'll reap the benefits after you forget about it (ex. sewing kit, winter coat)

    -Write a scripture verse, and let her know how it applies to her (ex. Psalm 18:22)

    -Leave a note on her washed and folded laundry (done by you, of course)

  3. I like to bring a bar of chocolate to her at work when she's busy meeting a client, then duck out before she's able to see me. She's allergic to soy, so I have to be very careful about the brand I buy, which (hopefully) lets her know I'm being really thoughtful :)

  4. I love the chocolate idea.

    My ex-boyfriend did something similar eons ago. I still remember because it felt so great.

  5. I like all these ideas... Esp. the Bible verses

  6. I found this website "" where you can send anonymous emails to anyone. In the information age we are in, you can leave notes no matter where you are in the world. I am gone alot and this is a perfect substitute for the above suggestions while I am gone. The anonymity is what gives it the flair. Try it!

  7. Those are all great suggestions, and I've done just about everyone of them again & again. But eventually, It hit me that she was not doing the same for me and -- at least as importantly, perhaps more so -- that her responses to such things from me were rarely more than perfunctory "thank yous", and too often, she'd respond with silence or, sometimes, irritation. When I'd try to discuss this issue, her response to that was to insist nothing was wrong at all & to leave it at that. While such acts of love should not be done as if they're some sort of "trade" that requires a direct return, there is a limit as to how long someone can continue searching for various ways to express love for a spouse that doesn't reciprocate, particularly one that doesn't even recognize the necessity of reciprocation. She is, by the way, from Japan, a country where few expect much emotional or even physical intimacy in marriage, especially after having kids. The fact that we discussed such issues a lot before marriage hasn't seemed to matter.

  8. This blog is great, my husband and I take the time to read it as often as we can and we turn the situations around as they are good for not only men.. Yes men need direction but us women fall off the path also.
    We are very good at leaving love notes and I am one for chocolate. We women like it when you have taken the time to think something out and make something special ~ even a night in.