May 9, 2009

Learn To Love The Same Things

My wife is a game person. She loves all sorts of games and absolutely loves it whenever she gets to play them. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a game person at all. It's not that I don't like to play games, it's just that I'd rather be doing other things. Typically, I would much rather sit around with a group of people and talk about nothing than play a game. I wouldn't go as far to say that this has been a point of "tension" in our marriage, but it is something my wife always wishes I would want to do more.

Recently we've been hanging out with a couple who really enjoys playing games, so naturally we've been playing games more often. Since we've been on this game-kick for several weeks now, I've noticed something strange: I'm actually enjoying playing these games more and more. I've even found that I want to play more games.

Though husbands and wives will never have the exact same interests, it may surprise you how her interests can become your interests if you give yourself to learning about them and participating in them. I've seen this true in wives over and over, but husbands seem to have trouble wanting to make the effort. It's not that we can't because you were very interested in her hobbies when you were dating. Unfortunately we tend to get lazier and selfish as the married years march on. Don't let that happen!

What are some interests your wife has that she would love for you to be more involved in?


  1. Alright already! I'll go play games with my wife!

    We actually read this post together so I did play a game with her an hour later - games are one of her favorite things.

    Great post!

  2. Sharing interests with your wife can be great for a relationship, but let's not forget that so can a strong sense of differentiation! Many a man has become his wife's girlfriend out of fear of being labelled "selfish" or "lazy," only to discover that no one has truly been served.

  3. My wife likes to run marathons and triathlons.


  4. Never make comments about a wifes weight gain. If she is overweight she already knows it and is already insecure. If she brings it up, ask lovingly if there is anything you can do to help. Otherwise don't bring it up. A Good way to be helpful is suggest going on a walk in the nature park together, especially if you are a dog owner.It is a way to spend time together, and nature parks tend to have rolling hills which is better for burning calories.

  5. Yes, I've learned this first hand recently. I was one of those wives that was insanely bored by sports once I got out of college, but my husband loves keeping up with our college team. I always took the "you go watch with the guys, I'll go do something else with the girls" approach. But recently I bought tickets to a game and we went together. I actually had a great time and since we've been to a second game together this season! I love sharing this with him and I'm so sad I missed out for as long as I did. I've even been following games when we're not together which gives us something fun and interesting to talk about. He really appreciates my efforts which feels great.