April 21, 2009

New Contest Winner

Unfortunately Nick never got in contact with me, so the prize has just been waiting for someone to be delivered to.

My wife's runner-up pick was Joe's comment (which I've posted below). Joe, if you're out there, you've got a couple books waiting for you. Just e-mail me your address using the "Contact Me" button in the sidebar and I'll get that sent out to you.

For the rest of you, we'll start with some new content tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me.

Joe's comment about why he loves his wife:

I love my wife because at a time in my life when I had given up on finding that special someone, God delivered me right to her doorstep. Or her to mine, actually. I remember vividly the first time we met -- where it was, how it came to be, what she was wearing, and even how my heart skipped a beat when she walked into the room. Fairy tale sounding stuff, maybe, but that's what made it so special ten short years ago. I love her because she sees through all of my shortcomings and loves me anyway. I love her because together we created a wonderful son and daughter, without whom my life would not be complete. I love her because she is untiring in her drive to raise our children to love the Lord. She home educates our son and will soon do the same for our daughter, and even though she sometimes feels she never gets a moment to herself, she is the very model of what a mother should be. Tomorrow (as I write this) is her 31st birthday, and I love her because every holiday and birthday is still a very special occasion for her, and she makes it fun to plan special surprises for her (even though she is very hard to surprise). I love her because it was really quite difficult to say just why I love her in 250 words or less. 245 will have to do.

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