April 2, 2009

iAMHUSBAND's Birthday And Book Giveaway

Today this website celebrates its first birthday (you can read the first official post here). It's hard to believe that I've actually made it this far, and it's strange to look back and see how my own life has changed in the last three hundred and sixty-five days.

Early last year I came up with idea for a blog that would accomplish one thing: help men become better husbands. I was tired of seeing miserable marriages and wanted to do more than just complain about it. I did several different searches to see if there were any blogs out there of a similar nature, but didn't find many that were as topic-specific as what I had in mind. After running the idea by my wife and another couple we were close to, I decided to give it a go.

Thankfully this blog has struck a cord with many people. In the year it's been up we've seen over 70,000 unique visitors and currently have around 550 subscribers. The iAMHUSBAND Amazon bookstore (here and in the sidebar to the right) has already generated several orders from people buying books to improve their marriages, and I couldn't be more happy about that. Whenever I've thought about calling it quits, I remember the e-mails I've received from men and women over this last year thanking me for this site. I really want this site to continue its growth, and I have a few ideas I'd like to share with you all soon. But for now, let's celebrate this day right with a marriage book giveaway.

In honor of our one-year mark, we will be giving away the For Couples Only 2-book couples' pack of the books For Men Only and For Women Only from Amazon.com. I have recommended these book several times over this last year and look forward to sending it to our winner.

To enter the contest you must leave a comment below consisting of 250 words or less describing exactly what it is you love about your wife. You must be married and you must be a husband to qualify. At the end of the week, my wife will pick her favorite out of all of them and that husband will win the books. Only comments submitted between now and April 9th will be considered in the contest.

Thanks everyone for this last year together. It's been wonderful!


  1. Congratulations on making it to a year. Even more congratulations on the visitor and subscriber numbers. They reflect the excellent quality of your blog. Anyway... why I love my wife in 250 words or less:

    I love my wife because God made her for me in His infinite wisdom, not by my specifications. God knows best. I love her because she loves God. After 11 years of marriage, I understand just how important that is to our family and to me and what a beautiful quality it is. I love her because she doesn’t operate on my schedule. If it were up to me we’d probably never get out of bed but she says no more often than she says yes. It’s often frustrating but I love the fact that she stands up for who she is and doesn’t let me push her into anything she doesn’t want to do. I’d hate myself for being pushy if she did. I love her because she’s fun to be around. I wish we were able to relax more together because she’s so much funnier and happier when she’s relaxed but I love her for who she is not what our circumstances are forcing her to be. I love her because she’s beautiful and doesn’t know it, no matter how often and in how many ways I tell her. It means she’s not vain or conceited though. I love that. I love her because through thick and thin, two transcontinental moves, 3 kids, and 11 years her smile still gives me butterflies. I love her because she’s stubborn, frustrating and difficult but that makes her strong and faithful and loyal and I know I have nothing to fear.

  2. p.s. I wanted to write my wife a love letter tonight but couldn't think how to make it original. Thanks for giving me an idea!

  3. Congratulations and Happy Blog Day!


  4. I love my wife because at a time in my life when I had given up on finding that special someone, God delivered me right to her doorstep. Or her to mine, actually. I remember vividly the first time we met -- where it was, how it came to be, what she was wearing, and even how my heart skipped a beat when she walked into the room. Fairy tale sounding stuff, maybe, but that's what made it so special ten short years ago. I love her because she sees through all of my shortcomings and loves me anyway. I love her because together we created a wonderful son and daughter, without whom my life would not be complete. I love her because she is untiring in her drive to raise our children to love the Lord. She home educates our son and will soon do the same for our daughter, and even though she sometimes feels she never gets a moment to herself, she is the very model of what a mother should be. Tomorrow (as I write this) is her 31st birthday, and I love her because every holiday and birthday is still a very special occasion for her, and she makes it fun to plan special surprises for her (even though she is very hard to surprise). I love her because it was really quite difficult to say just why I love her in 250 words or less. 245 will have to do.

  5. OK wife told me I had to do this, so hmm I love my wife...yep i love her. What I love about my wife..she cares about me and washes my clothes, cooks my food and cleans the toliet..of which I wear the most and stink the most, eat the most and well you know the last one. I am a disabled military veteran and have been homebound and work from home when I can for the past 15 years. You know there is love when she has not hit me across the head with a frying pan on my bad days. She wasn't rady for this all, I was in the military before we married and the injury got worse after we married, so she never got a chance to turn and run, it just happened. She has found work pt from home and takes care of us all- working herself to death soemtimes and always putting everyone else first. Her heart is full and her feet are tired, but I love her more and more everyday because I know love keeps her around..cause it sure is not the money.

    Using her account because I do not blog or hang out except ebay.

  6. I'm not a husband or even a man but I think you have a great thing going on here addresses an important topic.

    So congratulations and keep it up.

  7. How can I put in to words the love I have for my wife? I have been staring at this blank white box now for five minutes trying to devise the proper expressions-find the right words-but there does not exist the proper combination for the task. There aren't reasons why my life has been made complete by this amazing woman. I can list actions she performs or things she says which make me happy; however, they wouldn't be reasons but merely isolated examples. I suppose the simplest, and perhaps the most vague, way to describe her is that she is everything I lack; all that keeps me from attaining a good life. With her walking at my side I am complete, able to rise to levels unattainable before she became my better half. There is not, and could never be, the good version of me without her. I would be lost, searching for that which makes me whole and attempting to fill an unfillable void in my heart. Simply, I love her because she was made for me to love. I never had a choice, and I celebrate my captivity.

  8. My wife is a Proverbs 30 woman. What's not to love? She's also beautiful, the mother of my 7 children, and we have great sex.

  9. On march 13th 1985 I asked this girl I had met out to the circus (in my mind she appeared to be the biggest bubblehead I've ever seen). On march 15th I took her to the circus. At one point during the circus I was explaining one of the tricks to her before it finished the look of happiness her face when I was right shot a bozooka through my heart. Wanting to see her happy has caused me to be not me, but way better then I could ever be on my own. When I get up in the morning I want to put a dent in the world so that she will always have a beautiful vally to walk through.

  10. She loves watermelons and basketballs, salsa and steak. Hot-buttered doughnuts that tend to flake. She measures her flour with touch and feel. Blindly, she cooks a splendid King's meal. She is most delighted by face to face. And talk is most loved when treated like lace. She's encouraged by her starts and challenged by her finishes. 'Round nine at night her good intentions...diminishes. Cold days are best, when snow is the weather. A blanket, a book, it doesn't get much better!

  11. These are great, everyone! Keep them coming!

  12. Ok. I know I don't qualify for the giveaway because I am not yet married, that happens June 6, but I also think to put that qualification in the giveaway is wrong because us almost married guys need this as much as the already married guys and maybe more so that we can get a head start and head off some problems at the pass, so to speak. So this is what I love about my fiance.

    I love that she always wants to look good, even if we're staying in. That she is willing to cook and clean up, while I am working, only to go back to her place and clean some more. She always seeks to make me happy and meet as many needs as she currently can. Also how she is diligently working to improve her body through exercise and weight, and not only to fit into that wedding dress, but to look better for me. She is the most giving, caring, loving, selfless woman I know. I love her soul. How she desires to have a deep and growing relationship with God and that she wants to serve in a church along with me. That she grew up a goodie twoshoes, much like I did, and that she grew into a Godly woman who seeks always, whether consciously or unconsciously, to be the woman Solomon talks about in Proverbs 31. She makes me want to better so that I can love her better and be a better instrument for God's kingdom.

  13. I love my wife because she loves me for who I am and that is all i need.

  14. My wife is just plain cool!
    Married for 7 years!

  15. I'm a wife, and you have not only changed the men in marriages, but the women too!! And I am going to love reading what all of your men have to say about their love of their wives!!

    Thank you!!

  16. I am a wife of 10 years and stumbled here. This has been wonderful to read, it's not often that men write so wonderfully about their wives. I will be traveling around your site and learning what I can for my marriage...Thanks!

  17. the love the companionship the understanding the great cooking the being a great mother the coolness under fire her smile her eyes her body and the sex!!

  18. A listening ear, foot massages, that beautiful smile, full of humor and exponential kindness!


  19. I love my wife because she is my ...

    Pet groomer and dog-walker

    And she keeps on smiling .... even when I forget to say thank you, when I forget to do what chores are mine. She is my darling for making my life complete.


  20. I love my wife because right or wrong she always stands by my side. At times I act like a little boy occupying a grown man's body. I am selfish, but want to sacrifice for her. She makes me a better man. She knows how to calm me down, make me smile, and it seems I'm in her every thought. I'm just hoping that there is something in this book that I can use to stop being such a selfish guy, and to make her feel as special as she does me.