April 23, 2009

iAMHUSBAND 24 Hour Challenge

My wife and I are going on a car trip this weekend and this morning I got up early so that I could vacuum and dust the car out so that the trip would be that much nicer to take. When my wife left for work and thanked me for being such a good husband (which definitely made the vacuuming worth it), I got to thinking about another 24 hour husband challenge.

Today's challenge is to do something out of the ordinary for your wife. This can't be a gift like flowers or a card, but it has to be some kind of service that you usually don't do that you know your wife would appreciate. Is it cleaning it out the car? Is it getting to that junk drawer you guys have needed to organize for forever? Is it fixing the hinge on that cupboard? Get creative and then come back and share with all of us what you came up with.

You have twenty-four hours. Ready...go!


  1. I came home from work this evening and, after dinner, I mowed the lawn for the first time this spring (lots of rain in Indy lately). Yeah, okay, that's my job. Afterward, I took the kids outside to play for a while, then for the kids and I took the dog for a nice long walk, giving my wife some nice quiet time alone in the house. After the walk, it was home to give the dog a bath (with the kids help), then I put the kids to bed. For the most part, after dinner, my wife didn't have to lift a finger this evening.

  2. You've gotta stop the challenges - they're too convicting. :)

    I started cleaning out the various pieces of paper that have been slowly taking over our house for the last couple of months. (bills, receipts, price tags from clothes, etc)

    Tomorrow I plan to let her sleep so she can catch up. That means I get up early and run interference w/ my daughter. Not being a morning person, that's a challenge for me.

  3. Great idea. I can't report on something I've already done, like Joe and Peter, but I'll ask my wife for something she would like for me to do tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!