April 10, 2009

Congratulations To Our Contest Winner!

I want to thank everyone for their involvement in our contest over this last week. I also want to thank those who left words of encouragement for this site in general; those words mean a lot to me and make me want to keep this site running.

I had my wife read over all the entries and she decided that the winner was Nick. Nick is not yet yet a husband but is engaged to be married in June. In addition to his kind words about his fiance, it was decided that this would be a great wedding gift to the two of them and a wonderful way for them to start off their marriage. So congratulations, Nick! I'd love to get your review of the books when you both finish reading them. If you can go ahead and send me your mailing information using the "Contact Me" button to the right, I will get that sent off to you right away.

To everyone else, I still strongly recommend to get these books for you and your wife. The two-book set costs less than $15 and it is well worth the money. We will spend money on maintenance for everything else in our life, why not our marriages?

Thanks everyone for your participation!

—A Husband


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the competition.

  2. Good for Nick! Although I must say that I am dissappointed in the integrity of your word about adhering to the parameters (must be married) of the contest.

  3. Congratulations to Nick! Good luck and best wishes to you both for a long, happy, healthy marriage!

  4. I am sorry, bobo, and I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship. I did clearly state that my wife would be picking the winner, and so I either have your disappointment to deal with, or hers.

    I chose yours. :o)