February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Challenge

I'm sorry for the delay in getting the final part in my Waffles and Spaghetti series to you. My wife and I had extra time off this week which I was hoping would give me more time to write, but it actually just got filled up with all that stuff we've kept simmering on the back burner. It's been good getting that stuff done, but I've fallen behind on my virtual responsibilities.

We'll get to that final post in the series next time, but I did want to take a few minutes and remind you husbands that Valentine's Day is this Saturday. Please don't wait until Friday night (or Saturday morning!) to go out and grab the first bouquet of flowers that you see. Go buy your gift today.

And on that note, I challenge you to put some thought into your gift. Don't default to what you always do. Buy something she will be surprised by (I mean the good kind of surprise). Is there a store she loves shopping in but knows that you hate? Go there and get a gift. Want to buy her some perfume? Go and spend time trying different fragrances and find one that you like. She'll love the time that you spent finding something for her and not just because you had to because it's Valentine's Day.

Some men love to hate Valentine's Day — a day Hallmark created simply to make more money. As true as that may be, take the opportunity to make it a special day for her. Look at it as a wonderful chance to show her (and her friends, family, and coworkers) how much you love her. It doesn't mean spend a lot of money, it means THINK ABOUT HER.

I'd love to hear any gift ideas that any of you have in the comment sections below. I'd share mine but sometimes my wife reads this site and I can't ruin the surprise!


  1. Well, another good post. I have no one to give a gift to, but I will be spending the valentines day getting ready for a trip to India, for a marriage I'm attending. They wanted it to be on Valentines day, but unfortunately it didn't really work out for them. But, overall love is in the air, and maybe something might happen in India. My mom has already given me permission to "see girls."

  2. I am reading this after Valentine's Day, but I will tell what I did. One of her favorite movies is Footloose, and I found that the off Broadway show was coming to town the end of Feb., so I went and bought us both tickets to go see it. This was something that she in know way expected.