February 20, 2009

An Easy Way To Make Your Wife Love You More Today

If you want to absolutely brighten your wife's day (and you better want to do that), head on over to klove.com and download this free song. It's called "When I Say I Do" and it's by an artist I've never heard of until now, Matthew West. It's a perfect song for an upcoming wedding, or to remind your wife how much your wedding vows still mean to you. It's a song most definitely worth listening to.

This is one of those "unexpected gifts at an unexpected time" that I talked about in this post here. Go and download this song and think about a unique way to present it to your wife. Maybe burn it on a CD and drop it off at work with a flower. Or, deliver it to her at home when you're on your lunch break. Or, after the kids go to bed tonight (and help with the process), make sure the house is cleaned up and tell her that you want to have a dance with her before you guys head to bed, and play this song. The possibilities are endless, husbands, so don't miss this opportunity. I heard that the song will only be free through the end of the week, so hurry up and download it!

And definitely come back and share with us how you presented this gift to your wife.


  1. Song is one other way to show to your wife that you really love her.. "When I Say I Do", its a perfect chosen song for everyone wife..
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  2. that's good stuff. i appreciate your active attempt to encourage us husbands to love our wives every day. it's very helpful.

    this song reminds me of "Since you said I do" by a guy named Dave Barnes. it has more of a blues feel. worth checking out.