December 17, 2008

Heat Things Up For Her

In another little way to answer the age old question of this blog, How have I shown my wife that I love her today?, here's another suggestion.

During these cold winter months (for those of you who live in colder regions), go and warm up the car for your wife ten or so minutes before she heads out somewhere. If she leaves for work every day, do it every day. If you know she's getting ready to head out to the store, sneak out there and get it running for her. Leave little "I love you" notes on the dashboard for her. Get creative in making this a meaningful gesture of your love.

But whatever you do, make sure you're coming up with little ways to show her that you love her every single day.


  1. back when I still had a car, I dated a guy who did this for me. In all other ways he was a cad, but he would start my car every morning and clear off my windshield (and my roommate's!) before he went to work. I stayed with him for longer than I should have because of this.

    My current partner and I share a little unspoken ritual: if one of us is in the shower, the other will toss a towel on one of the radiators in our apartment. When we hear the water stop, we'll bring the (now toasty) towel into the bathroom and hold it open for the other to step into as soon as they open the shower curtain. We do this with each other's robes sometimes, too. Just a nice gesture that takes all of a few seconds, but it means a lot.

    Guys (and gals!) if you don't have radiators, toss a towel in the dryer for a few minutes before your partner gets out of the shower.

    Another one for the guys - if your wife, etc., likes to put lotion on after a shower, place the bottle in a bowl of hot water so it will be warm when she gets out. I don't consider this a waste of water, as it could actually lead to World Peace.

  2. That's the way it works here. The little things seem to mean a lot.

  3. I need to exercise my brain to come up with some of these. This is wonderful food for thought. I need to show my wife that I love her in some new way.