December 2, 2008

An Apology

I got a comment the other day on something I've wanted for a long time to apologize for for, but just haven't taken the time to write out.

As you all are aware, I use Google's AdSense on this site. I do this for two reasons: to support this website and to provide other resources to the readers. I want this to be a place of resources on having a better marriage, and AdSense is one way that can happen. If I ever hit the $100 mark (the magical amount before Google cuts you a check), I will have this domain name paid for, and would like to use the money to buy different things to give away through this site.

Unfortunately, as some of you may have noticed, there are a lot of trash sites out there that are out to destroy marriage. Tragically we get ads for "Married But Looking" and "Meet Married Women Dating" and the like. Google does provide a way to block sites, but it takes a few minutes, and I feel like it is a never-ending battle.

I apologize for not working on this harder for you. For a husband in a struggling marriage, this is the last thing I want to tempt you with. I want to let you know that I am going to try and keep after this much more frequently than I have.

Thanks for understanding,

A Husband


Unfortunately, I have AdSense set up through Blogger itself, and so I do not control the code. I have no idea how to filter ads when it is set up this way, and do not currently have the time to do it the manual way. I have it set on key words now, which may be worse (let me know what you think), but if anyone knows how to use the ad filter set up through Blogger, please let me know.


  1. Kelly here, big female fan of the site. Wait, big fan and I'm female. Not big and female.

    I actually never noticed the ads you just referred to until now; however, I can see where a husband looking for inspiration might be led astray by them. Kudos for saying something.

  2. Apology accepted :-)

    I had never noticed the Ads until now either.

    Are you getting anywhere near the $100 mark?

  3. I guess I have selective sight, I rarely notice adds but I agree kudos for doing something about that.

    It is kind of sad how dirty the internet is and unfortunately we are so protective about our freedom laws and rights there is not a whole lot that gets done in regards to cleaning it up. One place that having rights fall short.

  4. I would recommend anyone who has a really big problem with the ads to utilize the rss feed, where the ads will not be seen at all. I understand that's only a workaround, but it is a viable, and currently available one.

  5. I use an RSS reader and have never even noticed ads on your site.


  6. another idea is using the free adblock plus add-on (for firefox users)

  7. Even though you can't control them, kudos for addressing it.

    But seriously, are you near $100 yet?

  8. You might want to try using "relationship" and "Christianity" for your ad keywords rather than marriage. See if you get better results that way?