November 8, 2008

iAMHUSBAND 24 Hour Challenge

You have twenty-four hours to complete the following assignment. Ready, go.


Remember back when you and you wife were dating and you used to buy her all sorts of gifts? What happened to that?

Today's challenge is go out and buy your wife a $15.00 gift. There is one stipulation, however: you may not buy her flowers. Get creative, think of the things she'd buy for herself if she had 15 extra dollars. Show her that you know her.

Then come back and share what you did.

Ready, go.


  1. I sent my wife out to get a haircut while I watched the kids. It was $45.

  2. i wish i could sneakily get my husband to read your blog ... i've used it to spark conversations about different topics you've discussed (esp masturbating)

    however, i don't think the same method would work with him getting me a surprise (:

    thanks for your blog!!

  3. Well, we didn't get much of a turn-out for this challenge. Kinda disappointing, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

    I truly didn't have a full fifteen dollars to spend (things are pretty tight right now), but I did surprise my wife at work with a drink from her favorite coffee shop. She loved it.

    Remember, the point is to every day think about ways to make her fall in love with you again. I hope we can all be challenged this way.

    To the anonymous wife, thank you for the compliments, and I am glad that this website has helped you and your husband in talking about different things.

  4. to badmy husband is home to read this...he is on deployment and we are doing anything and everything to make our marriage work.

  5. sorry isnt home

  6. I did this and it was challenging. I could not go to Walmart.That's cheating. I ended up going to a store up the road from my house.I got her stuff for college inside a little plastic tote.She thought it was cute.