November 27, 2008

Be Most Thankful For Your Wife

I don't know how many of you have the tradition where you go around the table and say what you're thankful for, but for those of you who do, this year I'm encouraging you to be most thankful for your wife.

Put together a small list of reasons why you are thankful for her (and include something fun, like being a great kisser or something like that), and in front of the whole family, single your wonderful wife out and show her how much you love her. Embarrassing? Maybe. But public affirmation of your wife is an incredible way to create intimacy in your relationship.

For those who might not do the whole around-the-table thing, do take an opportunity to get serious with your wife, and tell her how thankful you are for her. And then tell her why!

And for those who may be struggling in their marriage this Thanksgiving, this is an especially important task for you. Your marriage may be on the rocks, but I know that there are things you are thankful for. Think hard, then express them. Express them.

And for a little interaction, I would love for everyone to share one reason why you are thankful for your wife.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

—A Husband


  1. I suppose that since it was my idea, I should go first.

    I am thankful for the way my wife shows me affection in public.

  2. We did 3 things that we're thankful for.

    The first and always foremost is Salvation. Thank you Father for your mercy and grace!

    My second was that I'm thankful for my awesome, beautiful, wonderful wife!

    She blushed!

  3. I blogged her at the top of a list of things I'm thankful for!Telling the world my wife is cool doesn't embarrass me at all. Why would it? I often feel like I'm gloating a bit, but, oh well. :)

  4. I started a series of posts, 10 reasons each, and my goal was to come up with 100 things I love about my wife. I haven't really brought it up in public, but I do have some friends and family that read my blog and it seems public enough. I'm about to put all 100 reasons in one "recap" post pretty soon.

  5. Great idea! I'll have to do this on my blog too!