October 31, 2008

Just Like Old Times

Last night, when my wife and I should have been heading off to bed, we got caught up in talking with each other. We sat down together and talked about many random things, hardly any of them really important. At one point I said, "Man, we really need to go to bed." She responded with, "Yeah, but I like talking with you."

It reminded me of the days before we were married. Late nights of talking, trying as hard as we could to avoid the painful goodbye and drive home. It was nice just to talk.

It seems the longer we're together the less we do the things we love to do. Why is that? Last night was a reminder of how much fun we can have simply by having a conversation.

When was the last time you had quality time like this with your wife?


  1. My wife and I enjoy those same kind of talks ... but they're usually in bed. As we're laying there on the pillows cuddled up under the sheets, we start talking ... also about random things. The kids are asleep, the dog's been let out, and all is quiet on the home front except for the pillow talk taking place in our bedroom.

  2. I think some times we get busy or take things for granted. I also think that some times things change and the way we enjoy time with each other changes. We develop other new ways of enjoying time together. Either way we should always remember to make quality time for each other.

    We go swimming (with our 5 month daughter) but at least it is time a way from all responsibilities and where we don't feel guilty about sitting together with no other purpose in mind.

  3. We've recently taken up quilting together in teh evenings after the kids are in bed, and it's a hobby that allows for an amazing amount of conversation. As a result, we've been spending hours just talking.

    Next time you have a "date", skip the movie and do something that allows for more interaction!

  4. You know, I haven't slept a decent wink of sleep since I married. Sure I have children that keep me up but the one that keeps me up the most is my wife who like the Husband's wife talks into the wee hours of the night. I love her and frankly am not worried about sleeping until after midnight. Then I have to draw the line so that I can function in the morning. After all I am the one that gets up with the kids.

  5. I find myself getting impatient with my partner when he starts talking late at night. Our biological clocks are set differently - he gets up later than I do and works from home, whereas I'm up at 5 with two hours of commuting each day and definitely need that 8 hours of sleep. He's just getting his "second wind" when I'm ready to drift off. It's something we need to work on. The talking is important to me and I really appreciate that he enjoys having long conversation with me - I just wish we could have them earlier in the evening, especially if they're about work. When he starts talking about work at 10 at night and I'm trying to decompress, I get extremely stressed out.

  6. If you don't talk to your Wife things go stale then bad.Keep the lines of communication open even if it's about nothing in general.I tell my wife everything. I tell her that I love her every chance I get and I tell her that I am lucky to have her and that she is special to me.That works for me.