August 23, 2008

A Fireproof Marriage

Every now and then I head over to to waste some time checking out new movie trailers. Though this often ruins the whole preview experience for me when we go to the theaters, I just can't help myself. Plus, I usually find trailers for films that won't necessarily end up at the local cinema.

I found a movie this morning I am super excited about called Fireproof. It's done by the same guys who produced that Christian family football movie Facing The Giants, which was pretty corny, but had a lot of heart. I mention this new movie because it really seems to go right in line with the whole reason I created this website: to be a better husband.

I have no doubt in my mind that this movie will have its fair share of corn (it seems to be a prerequisite for Christian films), but seeing movies made that have a positive message — in this case that marriage is worth fighting for — is a breath of fresh air in today's entertainment industry. Too much of Everybody Loves Raymond will make anyone think marriage is just one big practical joke whether it's true or not.

This movie probably won't make it to a lot of markets (I'm sure it will spend most of its theatrical life in and around the Bible belt), but you can expect my full review here as soon as I am able to see it.

Make sure to check out the trailer below. All jokes aside, the challenge is loud and clear: Marriage is worth fighting for, so what are you doing to fireproof your marriage?


  1. That's pretty cool looking.

  2. While I'm not a Christian per se, I respect the teachings and I appreciate many of the gifts of certain Christian communities.

    I appreciate the question and challenge you pose. One of the practices that I encourage for my clients and use myself is "Celebrate Your Woman." This habit is one of the best (and most fun!) ways I know to fireproof a marriage.

    I describe it here:

  3. I am so glad to see you're promoting Fireproof. My husband and I are eagerly anticipating this film (corny or not), as we are Christians and get excited about any films that reinforce our family values. As a daughter of divorced parents, I am very determined to do whatever I can to "fireproof" my marriage, and I look forward to see the perspectives presented by the film. And I'll look forward to seeing your review! :)

    In response to Coach Justice's suggestion to "Celebrate..", I am celebrating my hubby at!

  4. FIREPROOF is actually opening on September 26 in more than 700 theaters across the country (Maine is currently the only state it isn't scheduled to open in). Take a look at the theaters where it is scheduled to open:
    Look forward to seeing you at the FIREPROOF on opening weekend!

  5. My wife and i watched fireproof. first time we cried together-we are going through the same thing-like it was"us"being played out on the screen..My wife is a blessing for our 3 children and myself --we love you Daints