July 8, 2008

The Manival @ iamhusband

Welcome to this week's installment of the Manival. Originally started by The Art Of Manliness, this weekly blog carnival has been a great way to learn about many different websites with a "manly focus" and has been the source of some great information. My two personal picks from this week's submissions:
Trey Morgan presents a short and sweet, in-your-face article called REAL MEN DOTE posted at Trey Morgan.net. And I can't say I really liked this next one, but it was very eye-opening to see where some family men are in their views on pornography. Jeremy presents What Dads Really Think About Porn posted at Discovering Dad. Both sides are presented, and there have been quite a lot of comments left to further the discussion.
Marriage and Family
Derek Semmler presents Talking To Kids About Death posted at The Man Page.Cory Huff presents How My New Social Life Saved My Marriage posted at A Good Husband: Marriage and Relationship Advice. Corey Allan presents 10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage While It's Raining posted at The Simple Marriage Project. Dad of Divas presents Why My House is A Diva-dome posted at Dad of Divas.
Character of a Man
Hayden Tompkins presents Purpose and Passion: Identical Twins? posted at PersistentIllusion. Al at 7P presents Do Nice Guys Finish Last? posted at 7P Productions.
House and Home
Primer Magazine presents The Road to Retirement Should Be Paved Today posted at Primer Magazine. Alessandro presents SteadyState protects your kids and your computer posted at miserere.org. Dustin Boston presents Basic Tool Kits: 11 Essential Tools for the Household Handyman posted at dBlogIt.
Misc. Manliness
Dr. Awesome presents Man Vehicles posted at To Every Man A Manswer. Totally Consumed presents Men, Muscles and Manliness posted at Totally Consumed. babbo presents Evel Knievel and the Hairy Lady posted at Daddy Brain.

Thanks everyone for your entries! And if you'd like to contribute to next week's Manival, use the form here.


  1. Thanks very much for including me in this. The article on pornography and it's role/effect on relationships was a eye opening for me too. It was very interesting that all sides of the issue were discussed, and there were supporters of many different positions. The dialogue that it sparked on and off the site was incredible. I really like the other posts in this edition as well, and I'm always honored to be a part of this great group of men.

  2. Thank you for posting my late entry. I had gotten one of the kids to bed last night, looked at the clock and said "oh #$%$, I forgot to submit to the Manival!"

    I look forward to reading all of this weeks posts, as well as your blog.



  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Nice job guys. Great stuff as usual!

  5. Awesome carnival. There's some pretty good articles I enjoyed here.

    OK, off to dote my wife and to remind her that she made me the luckiest man!

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