July 25, 2008

From*Me Tees

I wrote a while back about a great t-shirt to buy to add a little spark to your marriage. It was the "I love my wife." shirt designed by David Nasser, and I still think you should go there right now and buy that shirt. It's a great gift for your wife that you get to wear.

On that note, this morning I stumbled across a new site that is dedicated to selling very similar products. From their site: "From*me Tees is pleased to offer a growing variety of designer t-shirts for husbands and wives that display a positive image of marriage. What you wear can speak volumes!"

I agree, and think you should go check out what they have to offer. Remember, what we're talking about here is you (the husband) buying a shirt that you wear, NOT buying your wife a shirt that says how great you are.

Though I am still a fan of the plain "I love my wife." shirt, variety is still a great idea. Which gets me thinking... Would anybody be interested in an "iamhusband.com" shirt if they ever became available?


  1. I am in the middle of a self-imposed, one-year moratorium on buying new t-shirts. I have *hundreds* of t-shirts and, frankly, my wife needs the closet space more than I do.

    But I broke my rule for this one. I love my wife to pieces and can't wait for her to see me in this one.

  2. Very cool stuff...I might have to open the wallet and get myself one of these.

  3. I saw David Nasser speak during a concert event to support U2's work fighting AIDS in Africa and bought the "I love my wife" T-shirt. She rolled her eyes when I showed it to her, but it is my favorite shirt (and will soon need to be replaced with a newer one).

    I get all kinds of comments about it, from "Does she make you wear that?" to "Is there a punchline on the back?". But it gives me a great opportunity to tell others how great it is being married to my wife and how much I adore her.

    Guys... get one (or more) of these T-Shirts!