July 29, 2008

Date Idea: The Couple's Massage

I would most definitely recommend a couple’s massage for an out-of-the-ordinary date idea for a husband and wife. My wife and I went for our third or fourth time recently, and we absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys get a little squeamish when they think about getting a massage, but this is most definitely an idea you must try before you knock it.

First of all, I have heard of men who absolutely didn’t want to get a massage, but after they finally tried it for whatever reason, they loved it. For many men, this is just something a little out of our comfort zones, but if you just try it, you may find you actually love it.

Also, most women enjoy going to get massages and they enjoy spending time with their husbands, and you initiating a date like this would be a nice surprise and show your wife that you’re interested in doing something you know she would love.

Getting a massage is a wonderful stress-reliever, and going for a couple’s massage is a great place to escape to for the two of you; away from work, away from kids, away from busy life.

Some personal advice and information:

Call around for the best deals. There are many massage salon chains around now (especially in bigger cities), and some offer first time deals (such as “Massage Envy” where my wife and I went recently). Some places even offer refreshments and allow you and your wife some extra time to relax after the massage.

Just for a reference point, my wife and I paid around $130 total for a 1 ½ hour session at Massage Envy (and I would definitely pay for that extra half hour). Going to a massage therapy chain will be cheaper than a private place.

Full body massage is the way to go. “Full body” means everything but that. There also isn’t a requirement to take off all your clothes. Every place I’ve gone to sees you to the room, then leaves you alone to “undress to your comfort level.” They also keep your “area” fully covered during the whole session regardless.

Verify that you both will have female massage therapists. Making sure your wife is being massaged by a woman will allow your mind to be more at ease, and making sure that you are being massaged by a woman helps you avoid some very uncomfortable feelings. (I’m speaking from personal experience.)

Relax. The first time my wife and I got a massage I spent the whole time wondering what she was thinking and if she was enjoying it and if she was paranoid about another woman touching me. She wasn’t.


  1. A few months ago my wife and I had our first anniversary and I plan a great day including couples message. I was a little hesitant but it was So worth it! Having my wife there next to me was calming so I didn't freak out while getting a message.

  2. I planned a couples' massage for our honeymoon. It was extremely relaxing after the stress of the wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Afterward, my wife told me that she was uncomfortable being touched by a stranger. She appreciated the gesture but she didn't have a good time. A year later, I went back by myself!

    I highly recommend it too, but casually run it by your wife first, to see if she's interested before you spring it on her.

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  4. I totally thought this was too feminine until someone gave me a massage gift certificate. I tell every guy this has to be one of the top ten best gifts you can ever give or receive.

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