May 13, 2008

Ten Simple Secrets To Keeping Her Happy

I stumbled across an article posted by a Peter Myers here, which was actually taken from a story that is officially posted at here, which they say is actually taken from a site called (I did a quick search for it there, but couldn't find the original.)

Pointless things aside, thanks to Peter I came across Confessions of a Perfect Husband: 10 Simple Secrets To Keeping Her Happy, a very well-written article by Hugh O'Neil. The article is definitely worth a read, but I thought I would sum up the author's main points here.

Kill 'Never' and 'Always' – "They're-gas-on-the-fire-words."

Work the reunions – "She gets only a sliver of your attention [when you come home]. Not good enough."

Laugh at her – "What's that you say? Your wife isn't funny? So what? Neither is your dolt of a boss, but you laugh at his lame attempts. Why? Because you're trying to prove you respect him. Bingo!"

Make the lions roar – " prepared to bark in unambiguous defense of your family. Don't shrink from this obligation. Your wife's regard for you will shrink if you do."

Be a little lamb-like, too – "A good husband relies on his wife, values her counsel, trusts her to love him even though he's not in command."

She needs closeness to feel sexual, you need sex to feel close – "I have no idea what to do about this. But great husbands have this reality in mind at all times."

Be touchy – "Nonsexual touch is a potent, underused endorsement of another soul."

See the coffee cup – "We don't help enough around the house. We're guilty. But here's the fix: Do more. Not a lot more--just a little more. One of the best things about women is that they really appreciate the smallest sign that you're trying. They're effort oriented."

She ain't broke, so don't fix her – "People rarely change unless they feel accepted as they are. Once folks feel they're not required to change, growth happens."

Play to win – "Set yourself free to play bravely by taking the big risk, divorce, off the table. Decide that you meant what you said at the wedding, that this woman, come what may, is your partner for life."

Mr. O'neil seriously nailed it with this one. Look at that list again. Which ones do you struggle with? What can you do about that today?

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