May 28, 2008

Funny Comments And A Few Links

I was following some of the referring links to this site a few days ago and came across a pretty humorous, um, "assessment" of Twisted Sister said, "I hope it isn’t really a woman writing as a man, I will be extremely let down if I find out that is the case." Then in the comments another lady wrote, "So I tried to get my husband to check it out. He decided it was definitely a woman writing it. It was a good try though..."

My wife thought that was funny.

Also, I had planned on posting the follow-up to the Date Ideas For The Clueless Husband this week, but unfortunately I haven't gotten too many ideas sent in (thanks to those who did, by the way). Please, if you've got any great date ideas or romantic gestures that have gone over big in the past, please send me an e-mail and let me know. Let's help each other be the husbands we all want to be.

And finally, I thought I would share with you a few of the man/husband-type blogs I've stumbled across over the last month or so that I've really enjoy reading.

Art Of Manliness: From the About Page: "Generation X and Y is a generation of Lost Boys. We live in a Never-Never-Land where boys stay boys and never become men. More and more males today are putting off college, family, and adult responsibilities in order to play video games and do keg stands. Welcome to The Art of Manliness- a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man."

The Simple Marriage Project: This is a site with great articles (I've used some of their information for a post here.) From the About Page: "Learning to take care of yourself more allows for more passion and adventure in marriage. When this is done by both members of the relationship, you experience the best in both of you." Their latest post: How To Have Curl-Your-Toes Sex.

The Art Of Intimacy: Okay, not really a manly site, but there are some good articles worth reading. For example, How To End An Affair, Depression And Marriage Problems, and When Women Don't Want Sex. (P.S. You know it's not a man's site when it's got that pixie dust flying off the mouse pointer like that!)

That's it for today, we'll see you guys again tomorrow!


  1. Hey there, it's Twisted (not Twister) Sister just so you know. I did link to you, and want you to know that Satisfy Your Hungry Eyes was BEAUTIFUL. I fell in love with you from just that post.

    Also, I have liked lots of other stuff I have read here. You rock.

  2. Hey, sorry about the Twisted Twister mix up. I knew it was "Twisted"...please forgive me!

    All fixed now.