May 16, 2008

Date Ideas For The Clueless Husband


One of the dreams I had when starting this site was creating a resource place for romantic gestures and different date ideas. Often times we husbands want to be more of a Romeo for our wives, we just can't seem to think of anything — or we can't think of anything we haven't done before. Nothing kills excitement more than predictability, and I thought we could all chip in and help each other out in this area.

If you are a wife, what romantic ideas has your husband come up with that have impressed you? What was the best date he ever took you on?

And for the husbands, what ideas have you come up with that have gone over well? What date night swept her off her feet? What surprise did you come up with that left all her friends talking?

I ask that you not leave your ideas in the comments section here, but submit them using the "Kontactr Me" button below (please subject your suggestion as "Romance Idea"). Next week, I'll share the ideas that have been sent in, and then we'll figure out a good way to keep a running list going.

I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Photo by Thewmatt


  1. By the way, does anyone have any good suggestions for keeping a running list of these ideas going? I could create a whole other page and link to it. It'd also be cool to have some kind of "Random Date Idea" widget or something that could be placed here on the front page. (I would just have to figure out how to do that first.)


  2. Great idea. I'm going looking for some ideas out here on the interweb. I'll check back when I find some resources.