April 8, 2008

Remember Your Wedding Day

Call your wife while you are at work today and tell her that you've been thinking about her. Then reminisce a little bit about your wedding day. Tell her how you were feeling, what you felt when you saw her in her wedding dress, or any other good memories that might come to mind.

If you're not a guy who does things like this, it doesn't mean you can't. If you've never done things like this before, it may feel real awkward to start now, but the payoffs are big. (Women are appreciative when they know you'd die for them, but they really like to hear the reasons why from time to time.)

Some helpful phrases:

  • "I remember thinking..."
  • "I was so..."
  • "I couldn't believe..."
  • "You looked..."
  • "Thank you for..."

You might close by saying that you would marry her all over again, or that you were so in love with her that day, but that you love her even more today. Then let her know you look forward to seeing her again.

1 comment:

  1. Great advice. When we get to the end of life I doubt we will say "I wish I worked more." Very good reminder of what is important.