April 10, 2008

Compliment to Criticism Ratio

Family man Trey Morgan has just posted some news on his blog that show what an amazing effect compliments can have on a marriage. With only five compliments a day, you can lower your "chance for divorce" from 50% to 7%.

You can read more about the "Compliment to Criticism Ratio" and the challenge he's giving to husbands and wives on his blog here.

(And don't forget to let this be an opportunity to talk with your wife. Tell her what you've read, and what you think about it. Then challenge each other to try it for a month. Don't let the information stop here! )


  1. I'm totally digging your blog! I used to have a blog for couples (Couples Connect) that was to help people strengthen their marriage, but I took it down a few months ago...wish you had yours up then, I would have linked to it and sent my male readers your way. Keep up the good work!

  2. MLM, make sure you send who you can over this way!